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Part -> Torus
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Creates a simple parametric torus, with position, angle1, angle2, angle3, radius1 and radius2 as parameters.



  1. Switch to the Workbench Part.svg Part workbench.
  2. Invoke the Part Torus command several ways:
    • Press the Part Torus.svg button.
    • Use the Part → Torus entry in the top menu.

Result: The torus will be positioned at origin (point 0,0,0) on creation.
The angle parameters (angle1, angle2, angle3), as well as the radius parameter (radius1 , radius2) parameters permit to parametrize the torus, see next section.




A torus can be assimilated to a small disc that makes a circular orbit around an imaginary axe. Thus the parametric torus is defined by the following parameters:

  • Radius1: Radius of the circle around which the disc circulate
  • Radius2: Radius of the disc defining the form of the torus
  • Angle1: 1st angle to cut / define the disc of the torus
  • Angle2: 2nd angle to cut / define the disc of the torus
  • Angle3: 3rd angle to define the circumference of the torus.

as well as the standard set of placement parameters. The pictures below give a visual overview of the parameters antecedently mentioned:

TorusExampleRadius1.jpg The parameter Radius1 has a value of 20 mm.

TorusExampleRadius2.jpg The parameter Radius2 has a value of 2 mm.

TorusExampleAngle1.jpg The parameter Angle1 has a value of -90°. Notice that, the "angle measure" tool cannot display negative angle. Considered the displayed value in picture as "-90°".

TorusExampleAngle2.jpg The parameter Angle2 has a value of 90°.

TorusExampleAngle3.jpg The parameter Angle3 has a value of 90°.

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