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Part Grundelemente öffnet ein Dialogfeld zum Erstellen eines der parametrischen geometrischen Grundelemente, die in Workbench Part.svg Part Arbeitsbereich definiert sind.

Part Primitives example.png

Grundelementformen die mit der Part Arbeitsbereich erstellt werden können.

Geometrische Grundelemente

Einige der verfügbaren (parametrischen) geometrischen Grundelemente, die möglich sind:


All part primitives are objects which derive from the Part::Primitive class. This class in turn derives from the basic Part Feature object (Part::Feature class).

FreeCAD core objects.svg

Simplified diagram of the relationships between the core objects in the program. The Part::Primitive class is derived from the Part::Feature object. It includes an extension that allows it to be attached to faces and planes.


See also: Part scripting

Test the creation of the primitives with a script. introduced in version 0.19

This can be run from the Python console.

import parttests.part_test_objects as pto

This script is located in the installation directory of the program, and can be examined to see how the basic primitives are built.


It can be used as input to the program as well.

freecad $INSTALL_DIR/Mod/Part/parttests/
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