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Part Offset.svg Part Offset

Menu location
Part → 3D Offset
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Thickness, Part 2D Offset


Instrumentul Offset Part 3D creează copii ale unei forme selectate la o anumită distanță față de forma de bază.


Cum se folosește

De completat


  • DateOffset: Distance to offset the faces of the shape
  • DateMode: Mode of creation . Skin creates a new shape around the source shape. Pipe ( todo ) . RectoVerso ( todo )
  • DateJoin type: How the new corners are build up. Intersection gives sharp corners by linear extension of the edges. Arc and Tangent give rounded corners.
  1. Option ː Intersection ː Allows offsets pointing inwards to "overflood" the gap by intersecting the resulting shape until opposite faces are reached.
  2. Option ː Self Intersection ː ( todo )
  3. Option ː Fill Offset ː When the shape was 2 dimensional , the gap inbetween the 2 shapes gets filled. The fill is now a solid, hence the source shape is not a solid . Thus boolean operations may lead to strange results. (see example below) .
PartOffset1 it.png
PartOffset2 it.png

Object with small offset and rounded ( arc ) corners.


Same object with sharp ( intersection ) corners.


Same object with thick distance overfilling the front left gap and allowed intersections.


Arbitrary shape ( draft poly as wire ) with a 3D Offset ( ignores MODE param )


same shape with a 3D Offset as SKIN and filled offset


filled offset with 2 Cylinders creating boolean cuts. Cylinder A goes through the FILL whilst Cylinder B only goes thru the FILL and NOT through the source 2D shape.


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