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Part Measure Angular.svg Измерить угол

Расположение в меню
Measure → Измерить угол‏‎
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This tool measures the angle between two straight edges, two planar faces or one straight edge and a planar face and displays the measurement in the 3D view.



  1. Select two straight edges, two planar faces or one straight edge
  2. Invoke this command using several ways:
    • Press the Part Measure Angular.svg Measure Angular‏‎ button.
    • Use the Measure → Measure Angular‏‎
  3. Alternatively the command can be launched without prior selection. A selection dialog then opens in the Task panel. A Control widget also provides buttons to reset the selection, toggle the measurement display in the 3D view, and clear all measurements.
  4. Measurements are automatically discarded when closing the document.