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Part Helix.svg Díl Šroubovice

Umístění Menu
Díl → Vytváření zákl.geom.tvarů → Šroubovice
Pracovní stoly
Díl, OpenSCAD
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Na této stránce je vysvětleno jak editovat základní parametry šroubovice. Kliknete na ikonu Part CreatePrimitives.png Základní geometrické tvary a na ikonu šroubovice Part Helix.png v rozbalovacím menu pro editování parametrů vytvářené šroubovice. Když jse nastavili všechny parametry, kliknete na tlačítko "Vytvořit" pro vykraeslení šroubovice. Once you have edited all the parameters click the button "create" to draw the helix.

A Part Helix.svg Part Helix is a parametric shape that can be created with the Part Primitives.svg Part Primitives command. In the coordinate system defined by its ÚdajePlacement property, the axis of the helix matches the Z axis and its bottom point, the start point, lies on the X axis.

Part Helix Example.png


See Part Primitives.


Part Helix from the scripting example

A Part Helix object created with the scripting example below is shown here.



See also: Property editor.

A Part Helix object is derived from a Part Feature object and inherits all its properties. It also has the following additional properties:



The object has the same attachment properties as a Part Part2DObject.

Coordinate System

  • ÚdajeLocal Coord (Enumeration): The handedness, or direction, of the helix: Right-handed or Left-handed. The default is Right-handed, meaning the helix turns counterclockwise as it goes up.


  • ÚdajePitch (Length): The distance between two consecutive turns of the helix measured along its Z axis. The default is 1mm.
  • ÚdajeHeight (Length): The height of the helix. The default is 2mm.
  • ÚdajeRadius (Length): The start radius of the helix. The helix has a constant radius if ÚdajeAngle is .
  • ÚdajeSegment Length (QuantityConstraint): The number of turns per helix subdivision. The default is 1, meaning each full turn of the helix is a separate segment. Use 0 to suppress subdivision.
  • ÚdajeAngle (Angle): The angle that defines of the outer shape of the helix. Valid range: -90° < value < 90°. The default is . If it is the helix is cylindrical, else it is conical.


See also: Autogenerated API documentation, Part scripting and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

A Part Helix can be created with the addObject() method of the document:

helix = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject("Part::Helix", "myHelix")
  • Where "myHelix" is the name for the object.
  • The function returns the newly created object.


import FreeCAD as App

doc = App.activeDocument()

helix = doc.addObject("Part::Helix", "myHelix")
helix.Pitch = 2
helix.Height = 3
helix.Radius = 4
helix.SegmentLength = 21
helix.Angle = 45
helix.Placement = App.Placement(App.Vector(1, 2, 3), App.Rotation(75, 60, 30))


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