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Part CrossSections.svg Part CrossSections

Menu location
Part → Cross-sections...
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Part Section


Utilitarul Cross-sections crează una sau mai multe secțiuni transversale prin forma selectată.

Cum se folosește

  1. Select a shape.
  2. Press the Part SectionCross.png Cross-sections button.
  3. Define the guiding plane.
  4. Define the position (height of the cross-section).
  5. Optionally, check Sections to create more than one cross-section:
    • Checking On both sides will distribute the cross-sections on each side of the guiding plane location.
    • Set the count.
  6. Press OK.


  • The resulting object is not parametric, that is it is not linked to the original shape.
  • A single object is created, even with more than one cross-section.


Select an object

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