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Part CompJoinFeatures.png Part CompJoinFeatures

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Part → Join
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Connect, Embed, Cutout, Part Booleans, Part Thickness


Această comandă este un meniu derulant din bara de instrumente Booleană și conține toate instrumentele de joncțiune ale obiectelor tip perete: Conectare, Nesting, Decuparea trecerii. Consultați paginile individuale de instrumente pentru mai multe informații.
Connect, Embed, Cutout


  • Part JoinConnect.svg Connect: connects interiors of two walled objects (e.g., pipes). It can also join shells and wires.
  • Part JoinEmbed.svg Embed: embeds a walled object (e.g., a pipe) into another walled object.
  • Part JoinCutout.svg Cutout: creates a cutout in a walled object (e.g., a pipe) to fit another walled object.

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