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Part Circle.svg Part_Circle

Ubicación en el Menú
Part → Create Primitives → Circle
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Part, OpenSCAD
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This command will create a circular curved edge. With the default values, the circular curved edge will be closed and therefore will be a circle. If the properties Angle 0 or Angle 1 are changed from their default values (0 and 360) the edge will be an open curve, an arc.

Alternatively a Part Circle can be initially defined from three points. Once created the circle will only contain the standard Part Circle properties and will no longer contain a reference to the creation points.


A Circle geometric primitive is available from the Create Primitives dialogue in the Part workbench.

  1. Switch to the Workbench Part.svg Part Workbench
  2. There are several ways to access the Create Primitives dialogue:


  • Radius: the radius of the curved edge (arc or circle)
  • Angle 0: start of the curved edge, (degrees anti-clockwise), the default value is 0
  • Angle 1: end of the curved edge, (degrees anti-clockwise), the default value is 360