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Part CheckGeometry.svg Part CheckGeometry‏‎

Menu location
Part → Check geometry
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The Part CheckGeometry.svg Part CheckGeometry tool runs a verification and reports if geometry is a valid solid.


  1. Select a part (beware to select the whole part and not just a face to check for valid solid)
  2. Invoke the tool by either:
    • Finding the Part CheckGeometry.svg button available in the Part workbench Boolean toolbar.
    • Using the Part → Part CheckGeometry.svg Check geometry entry from the top menu.

Results will be reported in the Task panel.

Activate additional BOP check

The function CheckGeometry checks if the Boundary representation (BRep or B-rep) of the model is valid. Additionally to this BRep check, it is possible to have an additional BOP (BOP= Boolean OPerations) check.

Beginning with version 0.19 there is a settings panel in the CheckGeometry results with a checkbox for toggling this on or off. For users of earlier versions, to activate the BOP check follow these steps :

  1. Use the menu Tools → Edit parameters... → Preferences → Mod → Part → CheckGeometry
  2. In the right pane double right-click on the RunBOPCheck parameter to change its value to true
  3. Click Save to disk, close and restart.

See the screenshot below.

If the parameter or folder does not exist, create it by:

  1. Right-clicking on Part and choosing Add sub-group
  2. Name the sub-group CheckGeometry
  3. Make sure the feshly created sub-group CheckGeometry is selected
  4. Right-clicking in the right (empty) window and choosing New Boolean Item
  5. Name the new Boolean item RunBOPCheck and make sure it is set to True
  6. Press the Save to disk button
  7. Close and restart.


Run check and interpret results

  1. Select within the tree view one or more objects to check
  2. Press the Part CheckGeometry.svg CheckGeometry button.
    Result: A report will display on the left side of the screen showing the result of the scan (v0.19 and above any errors found are also logged in the report view if logging is enabled in preferences)
  3. If the scan turned up errors: click in the report window on a specific error message and the corresponding geometric object (edge/face ...) will be highlighted in the 3D view
    Note: At the moment FreeCAD has no automatic repair methods for solids, so you need to look at the steps used in FreeCAD to model this specific geometry and try to fix the error yourself

GeometryCheck Errors.jpg

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