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PartDesign NewSketch.svg PartDesign NewSketch

Menu location
Part Design → Create sketch
PartDesign, Complete
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This tool creates a new sketch, creates a new PartDesign Body to contain the sketch if one does not exist and automatically opens the Sketcher workbench after creation.

When creating models using the PartDesign workbench, this tool should be preferred to the Sketcher NewSketch.svg Sketcher NewSketch tool found in the Sketcher workbench.


  1. Click pe PartDesign NewSketch.png din toolbar, sau selectați PartDesignPartDesign NewSketch.png Create sketch sin meniul principal.


  • To change the attachment of an existing sketch, change its Map Mode property (see Properties.)
  • The Select feature Dialog defines the features of the new sketch
Select feature dialog. These settings create a sketch on the XY plane and allow cross-references from other items of the same body

Dialog settings

  • Coordinate system box: defines the orientation of the sketch plane
  • Allow Used Features checkbox: TBD
Allow external features options
  • From other bodies of the same part: any elements used in the same body can be referenced
  • From different parts or free features: TBD
  • Make independent copy: all other elements will be separate copies, i.e. they will not change when the original changes.
  • Make dependent copy: the elements will be copies, but a dependency to the original elements is kept. This is basically using a Shapebinder
  • Create cross-reference: the linked elements will not be copies, but point to the original elements, e.g. a master sketch. Any changes are reflected to this sketch

To reference any items in the Workbench Sketcher use the Sketcher External.svg External Geometry and Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg CarbonCopy tools. Generally it is recommended to use other sketches as source for references rather than faces or edges, because they are less affected by the Topological Naming Issue.


  • DateMap Mode: mode of attachment of the sketch to another object, usually a plane or a face but can be other types of objects. Click once in the field to reveal a ... button and press it to open the Attachment dialog. If set to Deactivated, the Placement property is enabled.
  • DatePlacement: controls the orientation of the sketch in the 3D space; see placement. Disabled if the sketch is attached through the Map Mode property.