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PartDesign Chamfer.svg PartDesign Chamfer

Menu location
Part Design → Chamfer
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Chamfer Part


This tool creates chamfers (flat face at 45 degrees to both adjoining faces) on the selected edges of an object. A new separate Chamfer entry (followed by a consecutive number if there are already existing chamfers in the document) is created in the Project tree.


  • Select a single or multiple edges or a face on an object, then start the tool either by clicking the PartDesign Chamfer PartDesign Chamfer button or PartDesignChamfer from the top menu. In case you selected a face all its edges are respected for chamfering.
  • In Chamfer parameters in the Task panel, set the chamfer size either by entering the value, or by clicking on the up/down arrows. The applied chamfer is shown in real time.
  • If you want to add more edges or faces click first the Add ref button and then select the edge or the face.
  • If you want to remove edges or faces click the Remove ref button. All edges and faces being previously selected are highlighted in purple. Select the edge or the face to be removed.
  • Click OK to validate.
  • For a chain of edges tangential to one another, one single edge can be selected; the chamfer will propagate along the chain.
  • To edit the chamfer after the function has been validated, either double-click on the Chamfer label in the Project tree, or right-click on it and select Edit Chamfer.

PartDesign Chamfer vs. Part Chamfer

The PartDesign Chamfer is not to be confused with its Part workbench counterpart. Although they share the same icon, they are not the same, and are not used the same way. Here is how they differ from each other:

  • Edges must be selected on an object before activating the PartDesign Chamfer. With the Part Chamfer, the tool can be started, then a solid is selected, then edges.
  • The PartDesign Chamfer creates a separate Fillet entry (followed by a sequential number if there are already existing fillets) in the Project tree for the current body. The Part Chamfer becomes the parent of the object it was applied to.
  • The PartDesign Chamfer offers a live preview of the fillet applied to the object before validating the function.

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