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PartDesign AdditivePrism.svg PartDesign AdditivePrism

Menu location
Part Design → Create an additive primitive → Additive Prism
Default shortcut
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PartDesign CompPrimitiveAdditive


Inserează o primitivă geometrică tip prismă în corpul activ ca prima funcție(onalitate) sau se conectează la funcționalitățile existente.

PartDesign AdditivePrism example.png

Cum se folosește

  1. Apăsați butonul PartDesign AdditivePrism.png Additive Prism. Note: the Additive Prism is part of an icon menu labelled Create an additive primitive. After launching FreeCAD, the Additive Box is the one displayed in the toolbar. To get the Prism, click on the down arrow besides the visible icon and select Additive Prism in the menu.
  2. Set the Primitive parameters and Attachment.
  3. Click OK.
  4. O funcție Prismă apare sub Corpul activ


It is possible to create skewed prisms by specifying angles in respect to the normal vector of the chosen attachment. introduced in version 0.19

Prisma pote fi editată după crearea sa în două moduri:

  • Double-clicking it in the Model tree, or by right-clicking and selecting Edit primitive in the contextual menu; this brings up the Primitive parameters.
  • Via the Property editor.


  • DateAttachment: definește modul atașament, precum și offsetul atașamentului. Vedeți Part EditAttachment.
  • DateLabel: label given to the Prism object. Change to suit your needs.
  • DatePolygon: number of sides in the polygon cross-section of the prism.
  • DateCircumradius: circumscribed radius of the polygon cross-section of the prism.
  • DateHeight: înălțimea prismei.