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OpenSCAD ResizeMeshFeature.svg OpenSCAD ResizeMeshFeature

Menu location
OpenSCAD → Resize Mesh Feature
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Creates a new resized mesh object with independent sizing for each axis.


  1. Select the mesh object to be resized.
  2. Click the OpenSCADOpenSCAD ResizeMeshFeature.svg Scale Resize Feature... menu.
  3. Select the desired axis in the dialog, or enter your own custom axis to use and click OK.
  • A new mesh object is created and resized, the original object is rendered hidden.


  • The new mesh object is not parametric to the original mesh object, which means any changes to the original object do not get reflected in the new mirrored object.


  • The function does not modify the existing mesh, but returns a new mesh.
  • The function can be accessed via python:
import OpenSCADUtils
import Mesh
#this assumes an existing object in the document named "Mesh" that you wish to mirror
original_mesh = App.ActiveDocument.Mesh
resized_mesh = OpenSCADUtils.resizemesh(original_mesh.Mesh, FreeCAD.Base.Vector(100,50,40))
#New mesh would be 100 mm on the x axis, 50 mm on the y axis, and 40 mm on the z axis.