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OpenSCAD Minkowski.svg OpenSCAD Minkowski

Системное название
OpenSCAD Minkowski
Расположение в меню
OpenSCAD → Minkowski‏‎
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Applies a Minkowski sum to selected shapes.

Mathematical Definition

Add each element of subset A to each element of subset B to get Minkowski sum.

Geometrical Definition

Sweep element A along all boundaries of element B. Resulting space which is occupied by both elements is Minkowski sum.

An example of a Minkowski sum

Example of Minkowski sum applied to cylinder and cube. Note: that the height of minkowski sum is height of cylinder plus height of cube.


  1. Select shapes in Tree view or in 3D view
  2. Click on OpenSCAD Minkowski.svg or choose OpenSCADOpenSCAD Minkowski.svg Minkowski from the top menu.


Feature needs OpenSCAD installed and configured in EditPreferences


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