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(October 2019) Do not edit this page. The information is incomplete and outdated. For the latest API, see the autogenerated API documentation, or generate the documentation yourself, see Source documentation.

Being parametric, document objects in FreeCAD can have a lot of additional properties, but these are the basic ones, present in every FreeCAD Document Object. Objects can be retrieved simply by their name. Example:

myObj = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.myObjectName
print myObj.PropertiesList
Property.png Content

Returns: An XML representation of the properties of an object.

Property.png Label

Returns: Gets/sets the objects label. The string can be unicode.

Property.png Name

Returns: The unique name of an object.

Property.png Placement

Returns: Gets/sets the Placement of an object. A placement defines an orientation (rotation) and a position (base) in 3D space. It is used when no scaling or other distortion is needed.

Property.png PropertiesList

Returns: A list of the properties of an object

Property.png State

Returns: The FreeCAD state of an object (ie. if it needs to be recomputed)

Property.png Type

Returns: A string describing the type of an object

Property.png ViewObject

Returns: The associated View Provider (FreeCADGUI object) of an object

Method.png getAllDerivedFrom( )


Returns: All descendants of this object

Method.png getDocumentationOfProperty( )


Returns: The documentation string of the property of this class.

Method.png getGroupOfProperty( )


Returns: The name of the group which the property belongs to in this class. The properties are sorted in different named groups for convenience.

Method.png getPropertyByName( )


Returns: The value of a named property.

Method.png getTypeOfProperty( )


Returns: The type of a named property. This can be (Hidden,ReadOnly,Output) or any combination.

Method.png isDerivedFrom( )


Returns: True if given type is a father

Method.png purgeTouched( )

Description: Marks the object as unchanged


Method.png touch( )

Description: Marks the object as changed (touched)