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OSE Piping Workbench creates pipes and fittings. It is a part of Open Source Ecology and Open Source Ecology Germany. To use all its features install the Dodo-Workbench.

OSE Piping workbench screenshot.png


OSE Piping stores dimensions in CSV-files in the table directory in the workbench directory. Edit these CSV files if you want to add new or to change dimensions of the fitting.


A pipe is described by its outer diameter OD, its wall thickness Thk and its height H.

To create a pipe, click OSE Piping create pipe icon.svg in OSE piping workbench. Select pipe dimensions and click "OK".

OSE Pining create pipe screenshot.png

To add new dimensions adjust CSV pipe.csv file.

Wikipedia on Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) [1].


An elbow is described by an angle alpha, outer pipe diameter POD, inner pipe diameter PID, H, J, and M.

To create an elbow, click OSE Piping create elbow icon.svg.

OSE Piping create elbow screenshot.png

OSE Piping elbow CAD screenshot.png

To add new elbows, adjust elbow.csv file.

Sweep Elbow

A sweep elbow is a special elbow with larger radius of the bent part. It is described by outer pipe diameter POD, pipe thickness PThk, G, H, and M. To create a sweep elbow, click OSE Piping create sweep elbow icon.svg.

OSE Piping create sweep elbow screenshot.png

OSE Piping sweep elbow CAD screenshot.png

To add new sweep elbows, adjust sweep-elbow.csv file.