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As a lot of you mentioned... FreeCAD is not a very good name for this project. There fore maybe its time to think of a new one. This page is for that purpose.

Maintainers thoughts

For me FreeCAD was always a working or project name. Especially because FreeCAD is not really a CAD yet but more an ongoing effort to put a lot of engineering software together to create something bigger then the pieces. To create maybe a community which take the torch of Open Source in a field of software which is still held hostage by Dassaults and Autodesks.

But which name to give such an effort?? Who knows???

Maybe something completly different, like an animal name?

So join the discussion:

Cons of the name FreeCAD

  • The (older) freeCAD Project
  • is already used/blocked

Pros of the name FreeCAD

  • Already known
  • At least in the German Google the first hit of "FreeCAD" is our project

Possible new names

  • CADalytix
  • HobbyCad ;-
  • How about "CADenza", "CADence" or even "DeCADence" ?
  • foCAD - freedom of CAD
  • Fosoid - Freedom of solid design
  • Fancyfactum - Factum: lat. made, done... And Google says: Your search - fancyfactum - did not match any documents.
  • Fantafactor - Doing Fantasy. No Google matches
  • FreeDCAD - Amphibolic structure implying that CAD design has been "freed," made opensouce, and implied 3D creation.
  • Eleversum - The Universe of Elements. No Google matches.
  • EngineersDesk - That's what it could be. But at least the com-domain is allready taken
  • CADQuarks - It contains a lot of small CAD-particles that should create something bigger...
  • EngineeringQuarks - The fusion of the last two ( I admit, I am a physicist, but it is not infective )
  • OpenProjekt - English+German
  • Modus or ModusCAD - From latin
  • Revolve
  • OpenCad - it is open for all...
  • Worksite
  • Mechframe, Mechanic, Nmech - something with mech...
  • Hitech, Hitechnic, Paratechnic - something with tech...
  • Your girlfriend/wife name - After all Catia is also a girl's name!
  • FormReactor
  • Mecheneer or Mechineer(ing) - from mechanical engineer(ing)
  • TurboDimension or TurboDim
  • ThinkDimension
  • MechFlux
  • MechPhysx
  • MoskitoCad - small, simple, efficient, many childs, adaptable
  • FusionCAD, or just Fusion
  • MECA - Mechanical Engineering Construction Assistant (sorry for those that would use this for non mechanical applications )
  • SPIRAL - Super Project Inventor Really Aiming for Liberty (doesn't really make sense, I let it up to english-speaking natives to find better ^^)
  • IcePeach - name of a flower, I just like it, and the icon would be quite simply found: a picture of the flower
  • arcade or ArCADe
  • CADemlia - (not Kademlia)
  • Engine
  • openCAx - 1. FreeCAD seams to be a really powerful platform that will hopefully evolve into much more than only "designing" application, hence X for Engineering, Manufacturing etc.; 2. I didn't find any application with that name.; 3. It's easy to find out the purpose of the application from its namel.; 4. It's short and easy to remember (I believe). (The logo could be something like [1])
  • mechfoundry
  • grindmill
  • steelmold, ironmold
  • LiberationCAD
  • Gleipnir from Norse mythology - see this post in the FreeCAD forum for more explanation
  • Skíðblaðnir from Norse mythology - see this post in the FreeCAD forum for more explanation
  • Eldhrímnir from Norse mythology - see this post in the FreeCAD forum for more explanation
  • Mjöllnir from Norse mythology - see this post in the FreeCAD forum for more explanation
  • Mechanics