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In FreeCAD the word "Model" is normally used to refer to any 3D object, or collection of objects, created in the 3D view.

That is, a "Model" can be anything created by the tools of FreeCAD, for example, the PartDesign Workbench or any of the other workbenches.


In informal usage, the word "Drawing" may be used with the same meaning as "Model". However, when more precision is required, the distinction must be made.

  • A "Model" is any 3D or 2D object created in the 3D view, for example, a PartDesign Body, or Part containing many such Bodies.
  • A "Drawing" is a strictly 2D projection of that "Model", usually created with the TechDraw Workbench tools. This "Drawing" is usually intended for printing or for export.
  • The "Model" is usually the real object intended for manufacturing, while the "Drawing" is an auxiliary, flat representation of that "Model" which will be used for reference and documentation purposes.