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Mesh CrossSections.svg Mesh CrossSections

Menu location
Meshes → Cutting → Cross-sections..
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See also
Mesh SectionByPlane


The Mesh CrossSections command creates multiple cross sections across mesh objects. The cross sections are taken parallel to one of the main global planes (XY, XZ or YZ). For each set of cross sections a single Part Feature is created.


  1. Select one or more mesh objects.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Mesh CrossSections.svg Mesh CrossSections button.
    • Select the Meshes → Cutting → Mesh CrossSections.svg Cross-sections.. option from the menu.
  3. The Cross sections task panel opens.
  4. The planes that will be used to create the cross sections are indicated in the 3D view, and will be updated based on the task panel inputs.
  5. Select the Guiding plane:
    • XY
    • XZ
    • YZ
  6. Specify the Position of the guiding plane from the origin. The default position is based on the center of the bounding box of the selected mesh objects. Choosing a different Guiding plane or toggling the Sections checkbox will reset the Positon to this default value.
  7. Optionally check the Sections checkbox to create multiple cross sections:
    • On both sides: if checked, cross sections are created on both sides of the guiding plane.
    • Count: the number of cross sections.
    • Distance: the distance between the cross sections. The default value is based on the dimensions of the bounding box, the On both sides option, and the Count value. Changing the Count value will reset the Distance to this default value. Changing the On both sides option will recalculate the Distance (*2.0 or *0.5). Note that the input box may be greyed out, but the value can in fact be changed.
    • Optionally check the Connect edges if distance is less than checkbox and specify a value.
  8. Press the Apply button to create the set of cross sections.
  9. Optionally change one or more settings and create additional sets of cross sections.
  10. Press the OK button or the Cancel button to close the task panel and finish the command.


See: Part Feature.

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