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TechDraw TechDrawTools.svg Macro TechDrawTools

TechDrawTools is a container, including 38 helper tools to improve the appearance of drawings.

Macro version: 0.4.5
Last modified: 2021-09-24
FreeCAD version: v0.18 and above
Download: [1]
Author: edi and domad
edi and domad
Macro Version
Date last modified
FreeCAD Version(s)
v0.18 and above
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TechDrawTools macro is a multilingual container, including 38 helper tools to improve the appearance of drawings created in the TechDraw workbench.

All written user informations appear in English/German/Italian/French/Russian/Spanish depending on the selected FreeCAD language.

There are tools to:

  • create circle and bolt cicle center lines
  • draw cosmetic threads in ground and side view
  • create vertexes at intersection of elements
  • change attributes of center lines and cosmetic lines
  • change the number of decimal places of the dimension value
  • append special characters ahead of dimension values
  • create chain- and coordinate dimensions
  • position and cascade dimensions
  • create dimension/development of arches
  • create cosmetic circumferences
  • create a line cosmetic perpendicular
  • create a line cosmetic parallel
  • create a hole table
  • extend and shorten cosmetic lines
  • create a cosmetic line arch
  • position section view orthogonal to ancestor view
  • create an annotation showing the area


  1. Start the macro
  2. Select the desired line attributes and cascade spacing
  3. Change the Tab if needed
  4. Select any of the 38 tools

The macro stays open until it is closed.

Using the tools

The 38 tools are split into three tabs:

Select Line Attributes

Before starting the work, select the desired line attributes. This is done by clicking the appropriate radio buttons in the boxes displayed in the Attributes and Modifications tab.

TechDraw TechDrawToolsExample01.png

  • When creating a new line object, the preset line attributes will be used.
  • To change attributes of existing lines use the TechDraw TechDrawTools.svg Change the line attributes button.

Attributes and Modifications

Tools setting/changing attributes and positions of objects.

Centerlines and Threading

Tools creating centerlines and threads.


Tools creating dimensions.