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The first place you can ask for help is the FreeCAD forum. Please read this post before asking any question. Remember that important information about your system is necessary when asking for help.

There are different subforums for FreeCAD users and developers. Make sure you search the internet, and read through existing questions before you ask for help. There are subforums where you can discuss more specific topics, give your impressions of FreeCAD, discuss new ideas, etc. The forums are very active and you should get a reply very quickly.


If you need help or have questions related to a particular page of this wiki documentation, you can always leave ideas or comments on the "discussion" tab of each page. To upload files for Wiki please use this page.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

There is an IRC #freecad chat room on Freenode. #openFOAM-IRC is also on Freenode.


If you are on Reddit you may use the r/FreeCAD, or the r/flossCAD using the FreeCAD flair. The r/flossCAD subreddit also has a chatroom where might be able to ask questions. There are also r/ElmerFEM, r/openscad, r/LibreCAD/ r/OpenFOAM, and r/Modelica subreddits.


If you are on Telegram you may use the

Twitter and Mastodon

You may also follow the official Twitter account for FreeCAD and/or the developers. There is also FreeCAD's official Mastodon account which you may follow.


You may join the FreeCAD's Facebook public group


We have an official dedicated FreeCAD Discord server with a variety of channels for various sub-topics. There are also several third-party servers with FreeCAD-related discussion channels. The Elmer FEM server has a channel for seemingly every CAD, CAM, and CAE tool out there, whether open source or proprietary, and it has a fairly well-established "freecad" channel. The wide variety of channels and communities this server attracts means it can be good for having discussions with people in related communities. The OpenFOAM server has a "freecad-salome-etc" channel, where you might be able to find people more interested in the overlap between FreeCAD and computational fluid dynamics tools like OpenFOAM. The Modelica Language server also has a "freecad" channel if you are interested in FreeCAD from a multi-domain modeling perspective. However, please do not use chat groups as the main medium of exchanging data. They are not indexed by the search engines and information produced on these platforms is not properly accumulated, as it is on forums, blog posts, or wiki pages.