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¡Este es el lugar para poner todo tipo de cosas relacionadas con FreeCAD! ¡Si trabajas en algo relacionado con FreeCAD, por favor inclúyelo aquí!

Places where FreeCAD appears on the net

FreeCAD-related projects

  • pythonOCC is a python binding collection for openCasCade, the 3D modeling kernel used by FreeCAD. With pythonOCC, the full power of OpenCasCade can be accessed and used from within FreeCAD.
  • Architecture workflow : An example of how FreeCAD can begin to have its preliminary place in an architecture workflow...

FreeCAD Community Addons

These are FreeCAD community developed workbenches, scripts, macros, and addons for FreeCAD. Starting from v0.17 the Addon Manager was implemented in to FreeCAD core, and makes it extremely convenient to install addons approved by the community.

Scripting, math, vectors, 3d resource & tutorials


(From Release process)

This is a raw list of sites and blogs that have at some point mentioned FreeCAD. It is mostly harvested from (until June 29th 2014).

Feel free to add more pages or assign one or more pages to yourself to take care of notifying them about a new release of FreeCAD.

Redes sociales

Sitios de noticias

Otros sitios









Other resources

  • Interesting links contains some maybe useful links to other FLOSS resources and project in this area.

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