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(October 2019) Do not edit this page. The information is incomplete and outdated. For the latest API, see the autogenerated API documentation, or generate the documentation yourself, see Source documentation.

This is the principal (root) module of FreeCAD. It can also be called by "App" from the FreeCAD interpreter. It contains everything that is needed to manipulate documents and their contents (objects).


import FreeCAD
print FreeCAD.listDocuments()
mydoc = FreeCAD.activeDocument()
Method.png ConfigDump( )

Description: Prints a dictionary containing all the FreeCAD configuration environment.


Method.png ConfigGet([string])

Description: Returns the value of the given key. If no key is given, the complete configuration is returned

Returns: A string.

Method.png ConfigSet(string, string)

Description: Set the given key (first string) to the given value (second string).


Method.png Version( )

Description: Prints the FreeCAD version.


Method.png activeDocument( )

Description: Return the active document or None if there is no active document.

Returns: A FreeCAD Document.

Method.png addExportType(string, string)

Description: Adds a new export file type to FreeCAD. The first string must be formatted like this example: "Word Document (*.doc)". The second string is the name of a python script/module containing an export() function.


Method.png addImportType(string, string)

Description: Adds a new import file type to FreeCAD, works the same way as addExportType, the handling python module must contain an open() and/or an import() function.


Method.png closeDocument(Document name)

Description: Closes the given document


Method.png getDocument(Document name)

Description: Returns a document or raise an exception if there is no document with the given name.


Method.png getExportType(string)

Description: Returns the name of the module that can export the specified filetype.

Returns: A string.

Method.png getImportType(string)

Description: Returns the name of the module that can import the specified filetype.

Returns: A string.

Method.png listDocuments( )

Description: Returns a dictionary of names and object pointers of all documents.

Returns: A dictionary of names and object pointers.

Method.png newDocument([string])

Description: Creates and returns a new document with a given name. The document name must be unique, which is checked automatically. If no name is supplied, the document will be named "Untitled".

Returns: The newly created document.

Method.png open(string)

Description: See openDocument


Method.png openDocument(filepath)

Description: Creates and returns a document and load a project file into the document. The string argument must point to an existing file. If the file doesn't exist or the file cannot be loaded an I/O exception is thrown. In this case the created document is kept, but will be empty.

Returns: The opened FreeCAD Document.

Method.png setActiveDocument(Document name)

Description: Set the active document by its name.