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Fasteners BOM.svg Fasteners BOM

Menu location
Fasteners → BOM
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The Fasteners BOM.svg Fasteners BOM generates a Bill of Materials. This tool is part of the external workbench called Fasteners.


  1. Switch to the Fasteners workbench icon.svg Fasteners workbench (install from AddonManager.svg Addon Manager is necessary, if not previously installed)
  2. Invoke the Fasteners BOM tool several ways:
    • Press the Fasteners BOM.svg button
    • Use the Fasteners → BOM entry in the Fasteners menu
  3. When invoked the Fasteners BOM tool adds a spreadsheet to the FreeCAD document.
    • The spreadsheet represents the BOM of fasteners used in the model feature tree.

BOM example-1.FCStd.png


  1. Use the Workbench Spreadsheet.svg Spreadsheet Workbench to export the BOM to the csv format which can also be read and written by most other spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.




  • DataLabel: User name of the spreadsheet object in the Tree view.
  • ViewView: Display Mode
  • ViewView: On Top When Selected, Disabled, Enabled, Object, Element, default: Disabled
  • ViewView: Selection Style, Shape or BoundBox, default: Shape
  • ViewView: Show In Tree, boolean, default: true
  • ViewView: Visibility, boolean, default: true


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