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This page is a translated version of the page FEM project and the translation is 88% complete.
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This roadmap is probably obsolete. For more information see Development roadmap.
If you are not involved with the development discussed here:

Questa è la pianificazione del progetto per integrare un modulo FEM in FreeCAD come parte del Piano di sviluppo.

Unità di misura

Length Time Mass Force Pressure Velocity Density Energy Gravity
m s kg kg m/s2 N/m2 m/s kg/m3 kgm2/s2 9.81
m s kg N Pa m/s m kg/l J 9.81
m s g mN mPa m/s micro kg/l mJ 9.81
m s Mg (ton) kN kPa m/s kg/l kJ 9.81
m ms kg MN MPa km/s m kg/l MJ 9.81e-6
m ms g kN kPa km/s micro kg/l kJ 9.81e-6
m ms Mg (ton) GN GPa km/s kg/l GJ 9.81e-6
mm s kg mN kPa mm/s M kg/l micro J 9.81e+3
mm s g micro N Pa mm/s g/mm3 nJ 9.81e+3
mm s Mg (ton) N MPa mm/s Mg/mm3 mJ 9.81e+3
mm ms kg kN GPa m/s M kg/l J 9.81e-3
mm ms g N MPa m/s k kg/l mJ 9.81e-3
mm ms Mg (ton) MN TPa m/s G kg/l kJ 9.81e-3
cm ms g daN 10^5 Pa (bar) dam/s kg/l dJ 9.81e-4
cm ms kg 10^4 N (kdaN) 10^8 Pa (kbar) dam/s k kg/l hJ 9.81e-4
cm ms Mg (ton) 10^7 N(MdaN) 10^11 Pa (Mbar) dam/s M kg/l 10^5 J 9.81e-4


Potenziali Mesher


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Potenziali solutori

Vedere Solutore FEM