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FEM PostFilterCutFunction.svg FEM PostFilterCutFunction

Menu location
Results → Function cut filter
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
FEM Result pipeline, FEM Filter functions, FEM tutorial


Displays the results on a sphere or a plane cutting through the model.

FEM Function-Cut-Filter-Example.png

A function cut filter with a sphere as cut function.
The original pipeline is the semi-transparent object.


  1. Select a previously created result pipeline.
  2. Invoke the command either by:
    • Pressing the button FEM PostFilterCutFunction.svg Function cut filter.
    • Using the menu Results → FEM PostFilterCutFunction.svg Function cut filter.
  3. Adjust the Result display options like for the result pipeline. You might need to hide the pipeline to see the effect of the filter in the preview.
  4. Either
    • If there is no filter function defined yet, press the List-add.svg Create button and select Fem-post-geo-plane.svg Plane or Fem-post-geo-sphere.svg Sphere
    • Choose an existing filter function from the list. If needed, adjust the cut parameters to make sure that it intersects the model. Note that changed cut parameters will also change the parameters of the used filter function.
  5. The results will be displayed on the surface of the filter function.
  6. Click the OK button to finish the command.

Note: If there exist not yet a filter function, you can only directly set a Field after its creation when FEM PostApplyChanges.svg Apply Changes is on. Otherwise you can first do this after reopening the filter dialog.