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Menu contestuale dell'oggetto mesh → Informazioni di stampa
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Da fare


  1. Create finite element mesh first (using one of the available techniques).
  2. Select the mesh in the Tree view.
  3. Right click on it and choose the FEM MeshDisplayInfo.svg Display FEM mesh info option.
  4. To close the FEM Mesh Info window, click OK.


# setup some model with a fem mesh to print information from
from femexamples.ccx_cantilever_faceload import setup
# print the fem mesh information

will output the following result:

>>> print(App.ActiveDocument.Mesh.FemMesh)
========================== Dump contents of mesh ==========================

1) Total number of nodes:      	228
2) Total number of edges:      	0
3) Total number of faces:      	0
4) Total number of polygons:   	0
5) Total number of volumes:    	79
6) Total number of polyhedrons:	0

7) Total number of linear edges:	0
8) Total number of linear faces:	0
9) Total number of linear volumes:	0

10) Total number of quadratic edges:	0
11) Total number of quadratic faces:	0
12) Total number of quadratic volumes:	79
12.1) Number of quadratic hexahedrons: 	0
12.2) Number of quadratic tetrahedrons:	79
12.3) Number of quadratic prisms:      	0
12.4) Number of quadratic pyramids:    	0

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