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Fem-femmesh-clear-mesh.svg FEM MeshClear

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Menu contestuale dell'oggetto mesh → FEM mesh clear
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Enables the user to reiniitialize the mesh from the FreeCAD FEM mesh object. The mesh still exists but does not have any vertices, edges, faces or elements. The meshing information, Netgen/Gmsh parameters, mesh regions, mesh groups and mesh boundary layer remain in the Model Tree, which means the mesh can be reproduced later. The main use of this function is to lighten the FreeCAD file, either to improve performance when using FreeCAD, to save disk space or enable easy transfer of files without losing meshing data.


  1. Right click on the mesh object in the Model Tree FEM MeshGmshFromShape.svg FEM mesh from shape by Gmsh.
  2. Select the FEM MeshClear.svg Clear FEM mesh.


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