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FEM ConstraintForce.svg FEM ConstraintForce

Menu location
Model → Mechanical Constraints → Constraint force
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Introduced in version
See also
FEM ConstraintPressure


This command applies a force of given value [N] to selected target geometry.


Applying a force to a face, line or point:

  • In FEM workbench, click on Constraint Force or select ModelMechanical ConstraintsConstraint force to open Force Constraint properties dialog.
  • If you have Mesh displayed, you need to hide it (select the mesh object and press spacebar or right-click and select Hide item) and show the original model.
  • Click on a face, line or point to which a force should be applied. It will appear in the list of geometrical objects.
  • Fill in Load [N] with a force value in [N].
  • Direction: In a typical case, you'll leave this field empty to apply a force in the normal direction. You can revert the direction of the force by clicking Reverse direction. In other cases, you need to pick a face/plane or edge, which serves as reference for force direction.

FEM ConstraintForce example.JPG

  • Click OK to finish the dialog and create FEM ConstraintForce.svg ConstraintForce object.


Defined force is applied uniformly to selected objects. For example, if you define one force constraint with 200 N applied to two faces having the same area, each face will be uniformly loaded with 100 N.