FEM: Potenziale elettrostatico di vincolo

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Fem-constraint-electrostatic-potential.svg Potenziale elettrostatico di vincolo

Posizione nel menu
Modello → Vincoli elettrostatici → Potenziale elettrostatico di vincolo
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Da fare


  1. In the 3D view select the object the constraint should be applied to.
  2. Press the Add button.


The dialog offers the following settings:

FEM ElectrostaticPotential dialog.png
  • Potential: The electric potential in V.
  • Potential Constant: Option to set a constant potential.
  • Farfield / Electric infinity: Option to specify that the volume as for away from an electric potential.
  • Calculate Electric Force: Option to trigger the calculation of the electric for using the Electricforce equation.
  • Capacity Body: : Counter of the body (or face) with a capacitance.