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FreeCAD workbench to create exploded views and animations of assemblies.

Note. This workbench has been migrated to a new repository: ExplodedAssembly


  • Create nice explosions of assemblies graphically (no code at all!)
  • Create sub-exploded groups
  • Give rotation to screws and nuts for realistic disassembles
  • Use the provided auxiliary assembly tools to place your parts together
  • TODO feature: create trajectory from wires and sketches



Automatic installation

This workbench can be installed from the Addon Manager.

From GitHub

Ubuntu & Mint

That's all, the next time you launch FreeCAD the workbench should be incorporated automagically. To install manually download this repository as ZIP and:

  • For Ubuntu, Mint and similar OS's, extract it inside /home/username/.FreeCAD/Mod
  • For Windows, extract it inside drive: \Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Mod




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