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Drawing ProjectShape

Menu location
Drawing → Project shape
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This tool creates a projection of the selected object (Source) in the 3D view.

ProjectShape1 it.png


ProjectShapeSet it.png
  1. Select an object in the 3D view or in the project tree
  2. from the Drawing menu, click Project shape
  3. set the desired options in the Task Dialog
  4. click OK

A projection object (objectname_proj) will be added to the project. For subsequent projections of the same Source object, the projection object will be named objectname_projXXX, where XXX is a three digit number.

Edit an existing projection

ProjectShapeOptions it.png

The projection parameters can be edited in the Property editor.


  • DANELabel :
  • DANEPlacement :


  • DANEDirection : defines the direction of the projection. This is the normal vector of the projection plane. For example, to project the object onto the xy plane, use (0,0,1). To reverse the projection, use negative values.
  • DANEHCompound :
  • DANEIso Line HCompound :
  • DANEIso Line VCompound :
  • DANEOut Line HCompound :
  • DANEOut Line VCompound :
  • DANERg1 Line HCompound :
  • DANERg1 Line VCompound :
  • DANERg NLine HCompound :
  • DANERg NLine VCompound :
  • DANESource : the object being projected
  • DANEVCompound :