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Drawing Openbrowser.png Drawing Openbrowser

Menu location
Drawing → Open Browser
Drawing, Complete
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This command allows you to display a selected Drawing page using FreeCAD's internal web browser. The normal Drawing page viewer of FreeCAD is based on Qt's built-in SVG rendering module, which only supports a tiny subset of the full SVG specification. As a result, some more advanced SVG features, such as pattern fills or multiline texts are not supported by this viewer. The FreeCAD internal web browser, however, is built on webkit, which is one of the best SVG renderers available, and will correctly render your page with all its features.


  1. Create a Drawing page
  2. Add some views or other content to your page
  3. Refresh the view if a Drawing view wasn't opened
  4. Press the Drawing Openbrowser.png Drawing Openbrowser button


  • A page opened in the web browser will not refresh automatically on changes. You must use right-click → reload manually.