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Drawing Landscape A3.png Drawing Landscape A3

Menu location
Drawing → Insert new drawing → A3 Landscape
Drawing, Complete
Default shortcut
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This tool creates a new drawing sheet from already installed templates. Currently, even though the menu and the toolbar allow for A0 to A4 landscape formats, only an A3 Landscape template is available.

A Page object will be added to the Project tree, taking the form of a folder icon. Views that will be created afterward will be placed underneath this folder.

To open the Drawing viewer to display the page, simply double-click on the Page object, or right-click → Show drawing. The page will be opened in a new tab. You can close the tab and open it again at any time the same way.

If the page does not display, click on the View-refresh.png refresh icon in the main toolbar, or go to Edit → Refresh menu, or shortcut CTRL+R.

Drawing Page.png


  • The template used by a Page can be changed through its Template property in Data view. Click on the value field, then on the "..." button and navigate to a suitable template. Then refresh the view.