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In FreeCAD the word "Drawing" is normally used to refer to a 2D projection of a 3D model. This is usually created with the TechDraw Workbench.


  1. Start with an already built 3D model, created with, for example, the PartDesign Workbench. In fact, any object that has a Shape, including 2D objects, will work.
  2. Switch to the TechDraw Workbench.
  3. Press TechDraw PageDefault.svg TechDraw PageDefault or TechDraw PageTemplate.svg TechDraw PageTemplate to create a Page.
  4. Select the existing model, and then press TechDraw View.svg TechDraw View or TechDraw ProjectionGroup.svg TechDraw ProjectionGroup.
  5. A 2D projection on the page will be created. You may now adjust its properties, like DataScale, DataRotation, and DataDirection.
  6. When the drawing is ready, you can press TechDraw ExportPageSVG.svg TechDraw ExportPageSVG, TechDraw ExportPageDXF.svg TechDraw ExportPageDXF, or use Std Export, to export the page to SVG, DXF, or PDF formats for further use in another software, or for printing.


In informal usage, a "Drawing" may be any geometrical figure that is visible in the 3D view, and thus its concept may be confused with that of "Body", "Part", or "model".

However, when more precision is required, the distinction must be made.