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Draft workbench icon



The created 2D objects can be used for general drafting in a way similar as is done with Inkscape or Autocad. These 2D shapes can also be used as the base components of 3D objects created with other workbenches, for example, the Workbench Part.svg Part and Workbench Arch.svg Arch Workbenches. Conversion of Draft objects to Workbench Sketcher.svg Sketches is also possible, which means that the shapes can also be used with the Workbench PartDesign.svg PartDesign Workbench for the creation of solid bodies.

FreeCAD is primarily a 3D modelling application, and thus its 2D tools aren't as advanced as in other drawing programs. If your primary goal is the production of complex 2D drawings and DXF files, and you don't need 3D modelling, you may wish to consider a dedicated software program for technical drafting such as LibreCAD, QCad, or others.

Draft Workbench Example



  • Draft Line.png 2点線分: 2点からなる線分を描きます
  • Draft Wire.png ワイヤー(複数の点からなる線分): 複数点の線分で作られる線を描きます
  • Draft Circle.png : 中心と半径から円を描きます
  • Draft Arc.png 円弧: 中心、半径、開始角度と終了角度から円弧を描きます
  • Draft Ellipse.png Ellipse: Draws an ellipse from two corner points
  • Draft Polygon.png 多角形: 中心、半径、辺数から正多角形を描く
  • Draft Rectangle.png 四角形: 2つの対点から四角形を描きます
  • Draft Text.png テキスト: 複数行のテキストの注釈を描きます
  • Draft Dimension.png 寸法: 寸法の注釈を描きます
  • Draft BSpline.png B-スプライン: 点列からB-スプラインを描きます
  • Draft Point.png : 点オブジェクトを挿入します
  • Draft ShapeString.png ShapeString: The ShapeString tool inserts a compound shape representing a text string at a given point in the current document
  • Draft Facebinder.png Facebinder: Creates a new object from selected faces on existing objects
  • Draft BezCurve.png Bezier Curve: Draws a Bezier curve from a series of points
  • Draft Label.png Label: Places a label with an arrow pointing to a selected element introduced in version 0.17

Annotation objects



Many operation tools (move, rotate, array, etc.) also work on solid objects (Part, PartDesign, Arch, etc.).

  • Draft Shape2DView.svg Shape 2D View: creates a 2D object which is a flattened 2D view of a 3D object.


This command is considered obsolete because the Drawing Workbench is obsolete. However, the command itself is still available.

These commands have been removed from the interface.

Draft Tray toolbar

The Draft tray toolbar appears when the workbench is started, and allows selecting the working plane, together with some visual properties like the line color, shape color, text size, line width, and automatic group.

Draft Snap toolbar

The Draft Snap toolbar allows selecting the currently snapping mode. Its button keep depressed when a mode is active.

  • Draft Snap Lock.svg Toggle snap: toggles object snapping globally on or off.
  • Draft Snap Endpoint.svg Endpoint: snaps to the endpoints of line, arc and spline segments.
  • Draft Snap Midpoint.svg Midpoint: snaps to the middle point of line and arc segments.
  • Draft Snap Center.svg Center: snaps to the center point of circles, arcs and faces.
  • Draft Snap Angle.svg Angle: snaps to the special cardinal points of circles and arcs, at 45° and 90°.
  • Draft Snap Intersection.svg Intersection: snaps to the intersection of two line or arc segments. Hover the mouse over the two desired objects to activate their intersection snaps.
  • Draft Snap Perpendicular.svg Perpendicular: on line and arc segments, snaps perpendicularly to the latest point.
  • Draft Snap Extension.svg Extension: snaps on an imaginary line that extends beyond the endpoints of line segments. Hover the mouse over the desired object to activate its extension snap.
  • Draft Snap Parallel.svg Parallel: snaps on an imaginary line parallel to a line segment. Hover the mouse over the desired object to activate its parallel snap.
  • Draft Snap Special.svg Special: snaps on special points defined by the object. introduced in version 0.17
  • Draft Snap Near.svg Near: snaps to the closest point or edge on the nearest object.
  • Draft Snap Ortho.svg Ortho: snaps on imaginary lines that cross the last point, and extend at 0°, 45° and 90°.
  • Draft Snap Grid.svg Grid: snaps to the intersections of the grid lines, if the grid is visible.
  • Draft Snap WorkingPlane.svg Working plane: always places the snapped point on the current working plane, even if you snap to a point outside that working plane.
  • Draft Snap Dimensions.svg Dimensions: shows temporary X and Y dimensions while snapping.
  • Draft ToggleGrid.svg Toggle grid: toggles the visibility of the grid on or off.


Utility menu



These tools were removed from the interface in v0.19 because they no longer had any purpose.


  • 製図モジュールには専用の環境設定ドラフトワークベンチで利用可能な設定。



Install importers


  • スナッピング: 既存オブジェクトの特定位置に新しい点を配置できます
  • 拘束: 既存の点に対して相対的な水平位置、垂直位置を指定して新しい点を配置できます
  • 座標入力での作業: 画面クリックの代わりに手動で座標を入力できます
  • Working plane: Allows you to define a plane in the 3D space, where next operations will take place

Unit tests

See also: Test Workbench.

To run the unit tests of the workbench execute the following from the operating system terminal.

freecad -t TestDraft



The workbench includes a module to create samples of all objects in a new document. introduced in version 0.19

Use this to test that all objects are produced correctly.

import drafttests.draft_test_objects as dto
doc = dto.create_test_file()

Inspecting the code of this module is useful to understand how to use the programming interface.


Where $INSTALLDIR is the toplevel directory where the software was installed; for example, in Linux it may be /usr/share/freecad.

Draft test objects.png

Test objects for the Draft Workbench.