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Esta herramienta promociona (convertir en un tipo de objeto más complejo) los objetos seleccionados de diversas formas. Si no se ha seleccionado ningún objeto, te invitará a seleccionar uno.

The Upgrade tool performs things such as creating faces and fusing different elements. This tool works with 2D Draft elements. To fuse 3D solids use Part Fuse and related Boolean operations of the Part Workbench, and PartDesign Boolean of the PartDesign Workbench.

The counterpart to this tool is the Draft Downgrade.svg Draft Downgrade operation.

Draft Upgrade example.jpg

Open wire upgraded to a closed wire, then to a face; a closed square upgraded to a face, and then fused with the previous face


  1. Selecciona uno o más objetos que desees promocionar
  2. Presiona el botón Draft Upgrade.png Promocionar o presiona las teclas U y P

The selected objects are modified or upgraded according to the following conditions, in order:

  1. If there are more than one face in the selection, the faces are merged (union).
  2. If there is only one face in the selection, nothing is done.
  3. If there is only one open wire in the selection, it gets closed, making a face.
  4. If there are only edges in the selection, all edges are joined into a wire, and the wire is closed if possible.
  5. If none of the above is possible, a compound object is created.

It is worth trying to upgrade a selection several times to see if a better shape is obtained. For example:

  1. Upgrading two Draft Lines connected at one end will result in a non-editable wire.
  2. Upgrading this element again will add a third line and close the non-editable wire.
  3. Upgrading this element again will add a face to the closed, non-editable wire.
  4. Upgrading this element again will turn it into a Draft Wire, which can be fully edited, and all its properties modified.

The resulting wire can be better manipulated than the original lines. The fusion of single lines can also be done directly with the Draft Wire tool. Some fusion operations can also be done with the Part Fuse tool.


Los objetos seleccionados son modificados/promocionados de acuerdo con las siguientes condiciones (en orden):

  • Si hay más de una cara seleccionada, las caras se fusionan (unión)
  • Si sólo hay una cara seleccionada, no hace nada
  • Si sólo hay un contorno abierto seleccionado, lo cierra
  • Si solo hay aristas seleccionadas, se juntan todas las aristas en un contorno o wire (cerrado si es posible)
  • Si ninguna de las opciones anteriores es posible, crea un objeto compuesto


The Upgrade tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following function:

upgrade_list = upgrade(objects, delete=False, force=None)
addList, deleteList = upgrade(objects, delete=False, force=None)
  • Upgrades the given objects, which can be a single object or a list of objects.
  • If delete is True, old objects are deleted.
  • If force is given, it is the internal function to call to force a certain way of upgrading. It can be: "makeCompound", "closeGroupWires", "makeSolid", "closeWire", "turnToParts", "makeFusion", "makeShell", "makeFaces", "draftify", "joinFaces", "makeSketchFace", "makeWires", or "turnToLine".
  • upgrade_list is returned, which is a list containing two lists: a list of new objects (addList) and a list of objects to be deleted (deleteList).


import FreeCAD, Draft

Circle = Draft.makeCircle(1000)
Rectangle = Draft.makeRectangle(2000, 800)

addList1, deleteList1 = Draft.upgrade([Circle, Rectangle], delete=False)
fused = addList1[0]

Line1 = Draft.makeLine(FreeCAD.Vector(2000, 0, 0), FreeCAD.Vector(2500, 1500, 0))
Line2 = Draft.makeLine(FreeCAD.Vector(2500, 1500, 0), FreeCAD.Vector(3000, -1000, 0))
addList2, deleteList2 = Draft.upgrade([Line1, Line2], delete=False)

simple_wire = addList2[0]
addList3, deleteList3 = Draft.upgrade(simple_wire, delete=False)

closed_wire = addList3[0]
addList4, deleteList4 = Draft.upgrade(closed_wire, delete=False)

face = addList4[0]
addList5, deleteList5 = Draft.upgrade(face, delete=False)
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