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Draft Trimex.svg Draft: Przytnij

Lokalizacja w menu
Modyfication → Przytnij
Środowisko pracy
Draft, Arch
Domyślny skrót
Wprowadzono w wersji
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Part: Extrude


The Trimex tool trims or extends Draft Lines and Draft Wires so that they end at an intersection with another line or edge.

The Trimex tool also extrudes faces created from closed wires. In this respect, it's similar to Part Extrude.svg Part Extrude and to PartDesign Pad.svg PartDesign Pad.

Draft trimex example.jpg

Wire segment extended, then wire segment trimmed; face extruded into a solid body


  1. Select a line that you wish to trim or extend, or select a face that you wish to extrude.
  2. Press the Draft Trimex.svg Draft Trimex button, or press T then R keys.
  3. Click a point in the 3D view, or enter a distance and press Enter.

Trimming or extending is decided from the position of the pointer.

  • If the line is short it can be extended to approach and cross another line.
  • If the line is long and crosses another line, the excess length can be trimmed.
  • If the pointer is moved over another object or edge, the trim-extend operation will snap to that object, so that the trimmed or extended line ends exactly at the intersection with the object. This snapping works even without Draft Snap modes active.

A Draft Wire allows you to trim or extend any of its individual segments, which may affect the entire shape of the wire. In this case, the Trimex tool will work on the line segment that is closer to the pointer. Hold the Shift key to keep trimming or extending the current segment independently of the position of the pointer.

When the selected object is a face, the Trimex tool switches to extrude mode. In extrude mode the extrusion is done in the direction of the normal of the face. For example, if a rectangle lies on the XY plane, it should be extruded in the Z direction. To do this correctly, pressing the Z key may be necessary to constrain the distance to the Z direction. Alternatively, hold the Shift key to extrude in any direction that is not the normal.


  • Press X, Y or Z to constrain the point on the given axis.
  • Hold Shift to restrict the operation to the current segment, and avoid picking another one.
    • In the case of extrude mode, hold Shift to extrude a face in a direction that is not the normal.
  • Hold Alt while trimming to invert the direction of the operation, that is, the other end of the wire will be cut.


See also: Draft API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

There is no programming interface available for the Trimex tool. See the Part Extrude tool for extrusion of faces and other shapes.

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