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Draft ToggleSnap.svg Draft ToggleSnap

poziția meniului
Draft → Snapping → Toggle snap
Draft, Arch
nici unul
Prezentat în versiune
A se vedea, de asemenea,
Draft Snap/ro, Draft ToggleGrid/ro


Această comandă comută snapping on/off.


For general information about snapping see Draft Snap.

  1. To invoke Draft Snap Lock do one of the following:
    • Press the Draft Snap Lock.svg button in the Draft Snap toolbar.
    • Press the Draft Snap Lock.svgToolbar flyout arrow.svg button in the Draft snap widget and in the menu select the Draft Snap Lock.svg Snap Lock option.
    • Use the "in-command" shortcut: S. This shortcut can only be used if a command is active and does not work for all commands.

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