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Draft Slope.svg Draft Slope

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Modification → Set slope
Draft, Arch
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Draft Line, Draft Wire


For a selected Draft Line or Draft Wire drawn on the XY plane, the Draft Slope tool increases the Z coordinate of all vertices after the first one, so that the line or wire has the defined slope.

The equivalent action is editing the object and moving the points manually to a new position.

Draft Slope example.png

Horizontal line; line with slope changed to 45°


  1. Select a Draft Line or Draft Wire object.
  2. Press the Draft Slope.png Set Slope button.
  3. Set the desired slope value, and press the OK button.

The slope value is the tangent of the elevation angle:

  • 0 means the line is completely horizontal, because tan(0°) = 0.
  • 1 means 45 degrees up, because tan(45°) = 1.
  • 0.577 means 30 degrees up, because tan(30°) = 0.577.
  • 1.732 means 60 degrees up, because tan(60°) = 1.732, etc.

Negative values are also possible:

  • -1 means 45 degrees down, because tan(-45°) = -1, etc.

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