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Draft SVG is a software module used by the Std Open.svg Std Open, Std Import.svg Std Import and Std Export.svg Std Export commands to handle the SVG file format.

Screenshot inkscape.jpg

Inkscape drawing exported to SVG, which is subsequently opened in FreeCAD


Denna funktion importerar SVG file som redigerbara 2D objekt, i motsats till den inbyggda Ritningsmodulen vilken importerar svg filer som pappersritningar. Följande SVG objekt importeras för närvarande:

  • PATH objekt med M, C, L eller A kommandon
  • RECT objekt

The following SVG objects can be imported:

  • PATH objects
  • LINE objects
  • RECT objects
  • CIRCLE objects
  • ELLIPSE objects
  • POLYGON objects
  • POLYLINE objects


FreeCAD will not import path objects that have only one point (forum discussion).


Följande objekt kan exporteras i en SVG fil:

  • Linjer och trådar (polylines)
  • Cirkelbågar och cirklar
  • Ytor
  • Text
  • Dimensioner

The following FreeCAD objects can be exported:

  • Lines and wires (polylines)
  • Arcs and circles
  • Faces
  • Texts
  • Dimensions

Tänk på att SVG är ett 2D format, så all Z information kommer att ignoreras (alla objekt kommer att plattas ut).

SVG is a 2D format, so all Z information will be disregarded (all objects will be flattened).

Unit Handling

When exporting, a User Unit (px) equals one millimeter.

When importing, the width, height and viewBox attributes are respected. All elements are scaled to their size in millimeters, which is FreeCAD's internal unit. If the SVG does not contain information on its physical size, it is assumed to have a 90 DPI resolution. Using absolute units in attributes inside the SVG should be avoided. Relative units like em, ex and % are currently not supported.

The Inkscape SVG Editor currently works only with 90 DPI documents. No matter which unit is selected in Inkscape. All the output has to be considered converted to 90 DPI and rounded to 6 decimal places. As FreeCAD (and the SVG standard) is agnostic to the precision of rounding done in Inkscape these values will not be rounded on input. And odd values in millimeter will remain. If you need the SVG import not to be rounded, work on User Units (px) in Inkscape. Scaling can be done after the import in FreeCAD or by changing the width, height and viewbox attributes.


Följande parametrar kan specificeras i Skissalternativ tabben (meny Redigera -> Alternativ -> Draft):

  • Import style: Detta låter dig välja på vilket sätt som objekten från svg filen kommer att ritas i FreeCAD. Du kan välja mellan:
    • None: detta är det snabbare sättet, ingen konvertering utförs, alla objekt kommer att vara svarta med 2 pixels bredd (FreeCAD standard)
    • Use default color and linewidth: Alla importerade objekt kommer att anta nuvarande linjebredd/färg från Skiss kommandolådan
    • Original color and linewidth: Objekt kommer att behålla den färg och linjebredd (om den är specificerad) som de har i svg filen

See Import Export Preferences.


See also: Autogenerated API documentation and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

To export objects to SVG use the export method of the importSVG module.

importSVG.export(exportList, filename)
  • For the Windows OS: use a / (forward slash) as the path separator in filename.


import FreeCAD as App
import Draft
import importSVG

doc = App.newDocument()

polygon1 = Draft.make_polygon(3, radius=500)
polygon2 = Draft.make_polygon(5, radius=1500)


objects = [polygon1, polygon2]
importSVG.export(objects, "/home/user/Pictures/myfile.svg")