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Draft Rotate.svg Draft Rotate

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Draft → Rotate
Draft, Arch
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Acest instrument rotește sau copiază obiectele selectate cu un unghi dat în jurul unui punct de pe work plane curent. Dacă nu este selectat niciun obiect, veți fi invitat să selectați unul ..

The Rotate tool can be used on 2D shapes created with the Draft Workbench or Sketcher Workbench, but can also be used on many types of 3D objects such as those created with the Part Workbench or Arch Workbench.

To move without rotation, use Draft Move. To produce various copies in different arrangements use Draft Array, Draft PathArray and Draft PointArray.

Draft Rotate example.jpg

Rotating one object using a center reference point, from one reference angle to another angle

Cum se folosește

  1. Select objects you wish to rotate or copy
  2. Press the Draft Rotate.png Draft Rotate button, or press R then O keys
  3. Click a center point on the 3D view, or type a coordinate
  4. Click a second point on the 3D view, or give a reference angle
  5. Click a third point on the 3D view, or give a rotation angle


When rotating an object that is based on a Sketcher Sketch, for example, a feature created with the PartDesign Workbench (Pad, Revolution, etc.) you must move the original sketch. If you move the derived object, it will just go back to the position defined by the sketch.


  • Press X, Y or Z after a point to constrain the next point on the given axis.
  • To enter coordinates manually, simply enter the numbers, then press ENTER between each X, Y and Z component.
  • Press T or click the checkbox to check/uncheck the Continue button. If continue mode is on, the Rotate tool will restart after you finish or close it, allowing you to rotate or copy the objects another time without pressing the Rotate button again.
  • Pressing ALT or C or clicking the Copy button will make a copy of the objects, instead of rotating them. If you keep ALT pressed after clicking the third point, you will be able to place more copies, until you release the ALT key.
  • Press CTRL while drawing to force snapping your point to the nearest snap location, independently of the distance.
  • Press SHIFT while drawing to constrain your next point horizontally or vertically in relation to the rotation center.
  • Press ESC or the Cancel button to abort the current command.


The Rotate tool can by used in macros and from the python console by using the following function:

rotatedlist = rotate(objectslist, angle, center=Vector(0,0,0), axis=Vector(0,0,1), copy=False)
  • Rotates the given object or the objects contained in the given list with the given angle around the given center if provided, using axis as a rotation axis.
  • If axis is omitted, the rotation will be around the vertical Z axis.
  • If copymode is True, the actual objects are not moved, but copies are created instead.
  • Returns the objects (or their copies is copymode was True).


import FreeCAD, Draft

Polygon1 = Draft.makePolygon(3, radius=500)
Draft.move(Polygon1, FreeCAD.Vector(1500, 0, 0))

Draft.rotate(Polygon1, 45)

# Rotation around the origin
angle1 = 63
rot2 = Draft.rotate(Polygon1, angle1, copy=True)
rot3 = Draft.rotate(Polygon1, 2*angle1, copy=True)
rot4 = Draft.rotate(Polygon1, 4*angle1, copy=True)

Polygon2 = Draft.makePolygon(3, radius=1000)
Polygon3 = Draft.makePolygon(5, radius=500)
Draft.move(Polygon2, FreeCAD.Vector(2000, 0, 0))
Draft.move(Polygon3, FreeCAD.Vector(2000, 0, 0))

# Rotation around another point
angle2 = 60
c = FreeCAD.Vector(3100, 0, 0)
List2 = [Polygon2, Polygon3]
rot_list2 = Draft.rotate(List2, angle2, center=c, copy=True)
rot_list3 = Draft.rotate(List2, 2*angle2, center=c, copy=True)
rot_list4 = Draft.rotate(List2, 4*angle2, center=c, copy=True)
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