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The preferences for the Draft Workbench are found in the Preferences Editor, in the menu Edit → Preferences → Draft.

There are four tabs: General settings, Grid and snapping, Visual settings, and Texts and dimensions.

General settings

General settings allows you to set certain basic properties like the default working plane, the name and color of the construction group, a prefix to use for the Draft Clones, and the internal precision of the calculations.

Preference Draft Tab 01.png

Grid and snapping

Grid and snapping allows you to set properties of the Draft ToggleGrid.svg visible grid, which can be used with the Draft Snap methods.

By default the option "Always snap (disable snap mod)" is active, which means that you don't need to press a modifier key to activate the snapping tools. If this option is not active, you must press a modifier key to activate snapping.

You can set three modifiers:

  • Shift constraint modifier, to constraint the movement of the cursor along the X, Y, or Z axis.
  • Ctrl snap modifier, to snap the cursor to specific modes given by Draft Snap.
  • Alt alternative modifier, to activate an alternative function for a Draft tool.

You can specify the space between each grid line, between each major line, and the total number of lines displayed in the working plane.

Preference Draft Tab 02.png

Visuals settings

Visual settings allows you to specify the default line color and width for new objects, and the color of the Draft Snap symbols. By clicking the "Save current color and linewidth across sessions" checkbox, changes made in the Draft Tray will be saved and restored the next time you open FreeCAD.

Preference Draft Tab 03.png

Texts and dimensions

Texts and dimensions allows you to set default properties for the Draft Text, Draft Dimension, and Draft ShapeString tools, including default font and size, and style and size of the dimension lines. These properties can be changed in the individual text objects as well.

Preference Draft Tab 04.png