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Draft PointLinkArray.svg Draft PointLinkArray

Menu location
Modification → Array tools → Point Link Array
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
OrthoArray, PolarArray, CircularArray, PathArray, PointArray


The Draft PointLinkArray.svg Draft PointLinkArray tool places copies of a selected shape along various selected points. It works the same as Draft PointArray.svg PointArray but creates internal App Link objects instead of simple copies.

All options are described in the Draft PointArray.svg PointArray page.



  • DataScale (Float): the scale factor of the entire array.
  • DataScale List (VectorList): a list of N-vectors determining the individual scaling factor of each of the N-elements in the array, where N is DataCount.
  • DataLink Transform (Bool): if it is false it can override the linked object's placement.


  • DataExpand Array (Bool): if it is true, the individual App Link objects will be available to select in the tree view.
  • See PointArray for the rest of the options.
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