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All closable Draft objects, such as rectangle, circle, ellipse, wire or polygon, when closed and set to "Flat Lines" display mode, can display a hatch pattern, instead of the face color, by setting their "Pattern" property.



  1. Select the object
  2. In Combo View → Data: set Make Face to true to make sure the object will have a face to set the pattern
  3. In Combo View → View → Pattern: specify a hatch pattern to fill the wire with
  4. In Combo View → View → Pattern Size: specify the size of the hatch pattern


  • The pattern is not visible when the item is either selected or pre-selected.
  • If you create a face with upgrade, the resulting object is not a Draft object anymore, and so patterns are not available
  • The Draft Wire can be closed and turned into a face directly when created, by checking the "Filled" checkbox.