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Draft Snap Ortho.svg Draft Snap Ortho

Menu location
Draft → Snapping → Ortho
Draft, Arch
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Introduced in version
See also
Draft Snap, Draft ToggleSnap


This method snaps to a point on an imaginary line that originates from the previous point, and extends infinitely at specific increments of 45°; this includes 0°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, and other integer multiples.

Draft Snap Ortho example.png

Snapping the second point of a line to a point that makes an angle of 135° with the horizontal; small circles indicate all possible snapping directions


  1. Make sure Draft Snap Lock.svg Draft ToggleSnap and Draft Snap Ortho.svg Snap Ortho are turned on.
  2. Choose a Draft tool to draw a shape.
  3. Move the cursor approximately in the direction of a line that makes an angle of 45° with the horizontal.
  4. The snap symbol will appear when the tentative line makes an angle of 45°, or a multiple of it.
  5. Click to attach your new point.

Note: the snapping only works on the current working plane.

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