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Draft → Offset
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Detta verktyg gör en offset på det valda objektet. Om inget objekt är valt, så kommer du ombes att välja ett. Sedan ombes du om en punkt som ger avståndet för offseten från det markerade objektet.

Typically this tool is used in copy mode to create offset copies of a base wire while leaving this wire in the same place. The offset copies are scaled versions of the original object. To create other scaled copies use Draft Scale. To produce exact copies shifted a distance use Draft Move.

Draft Offset example.jpg

Offsetting a wire a certain distance from one of its edges


  • Markera punkter i ett tomt område i 3d vyn, eller på ett existerande objekt.
  • Nedtryckning av CTRL kommer att snäppa din punkt till tillgängliga snäpp-punkter.
  • Nedtryckning av SKIFT kommer att begränsa dig till det nuvarande segmentet, iställed för att markera det närmaste.
  • Om du trycker på ESC så avbryts funktionen.
  • C växlar kopieringsläget på/av. Med kopiering på, så kommer objekt(en) att kopieras istället för att flyttas.
  • Nedtryckning av ALT kommer att skapa en kopia, även om kopieringsknappen är av.
  • Om ALT är nedtryckt, så kan du göra multipla kopior ända tills ALT släpps.

The distance used to create the offset is perpendicular to one of the edges of the original shape, depending on the position of the pointer. If the pointer is moved closer to another edge, this edge now becomes the reference for the distance. Hold the Shift key to keep the current reference edge despite moving the pointer closer to other edges.


  • Press P or click the checkbox to toggle copy mode. If copy mode is on, the Offset tool will keep the original shape in its place but will make a scaled copy at the chosen point.
  • Hold Alt while picking the point to also toggle copy mode. Keeping Alt pressed will allow you to continue placing offset copies; release Alt to finish the operation and see all offset shapes.
  • Click the "OCC-style" checkbox to toggle OCC mode. This will create an offset from both sides of an line segment, which will produce a specially closed shape with rounded edges at the ends of the segments.
Note: with this style the original segments will be removed, so use copy mode to preserve the original edges.
  • Hold Ctrl while offsetting to force snapping your point to the nearest snap location, independently of the distance.
  • Hold Shift to keep the offset distance referred to the current segment, and avoid picking another reference.
  • Press Esc or the Close button to abort the current command; offset copies already placed will remain.


See also: Draft API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The Offset tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following function:

Offsetobj = offset(obj, delta, copy=False, bind=False, sym=False, occ=False)
  • Offsets the given obj wire by applying the given delta, defined as a vector, to its first vertex.
  • If copy is True another object is created instead of offsetting the original object.
  • If bind is True, and provided the wire object is open, the original and the offset wire will be tied at their endpoints, forming a face.
    • If sym is True, bind must be True as well, and the offset is made on both sides of the wire, the total width being the length of the given vector.
  • If occ is True, it will use OCC-style offsetting: it will offset from both sides, then tie the new wires together, and round the corners.
  • Offsetobj is returned with the original offset object, or with the new copy.


import FreeCAD, Draft

p1 = FreeCAD.Vector(0, 0, 0)
p2 = FreeCAD.Vector(1500, 2000, 0)
p3 = FreeCAD.Vector(4000, 0, 0)

Wire = Draft.makeWire([p1, p2, p3])

vector = FreeCAD.Vector(0, 500, 0)
Offset_1 = Draft.offset(Wire, vector, copy=True)
Offset_2 = Draft.offset(Wire, 3*vector, copy=True)
Offset_3 = Draft.offset(Wire, 6*vector, copy=True)
Offset_4 = Draft.offset(Wire, 9*vector, copy=True)
Offset_5 = Draft.offset(Wire, 1.5*vector, copy=True, occ=True)