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El color de la línea y el ancho de línea de los objetos Draft (y cualquier otro objeto FreeCAD) se pueden cambiar fácilmente en el módulo Draft.


En la Barra de comandos, se muestran una serie de botones, incluidos tres para líneas: Draft Style 01.png
Draft Style Couleur Ligne.png Da color a la línea (borde).
Draft Style Couleur Face.png Da el color de fondo (cara) al formulario.
Draft Style Epaisseur Ligne.png Da la línea de grosor (borde).
Draft Style Style.png Da todos los parámetros de los objetos style selected.

On the Draft command bar, you will see three buttons: a linewidth setting, a linecolor button, and an "apply" button. If objects are selected when you change those values, they will receive automatically the new values. If no object is selected, the changes you make will apply to objects you will create later. At any moment, you can hit the "apply" button to apply current settings to selected objects. You can also do that from the tree's context menu. If a group is selected, the settings will be applied to all objects in the group.

If you would like to change the face color of filled objects, you can do it via the properties window.

See also Draft Apply Draft Apply.svg.