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Draft Heal.svg Draft Heal

Menu location
Draft → Utilities → Heal
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft Upgrade, Draft Downgrade


This command tries to fix Draft Workbench objects that were created with an older version of FreeCAD, so that they work in a more recent version.

Because of the fast development of FreeCAD, some elements might have changed between versions, causing some objects found in old files to contain errors or not load properly when opened with a more recent version of FreeCAD. The Heal tool tries to recreate the older objects from scratch, and transfer their properties from the older version to the newer version.


  1. Select one or more problematic objects.
  2. Go to the menu Draft → Utilities → Draft Heal.svg Heal.

If no objects are selected then the entire document is scanned for errors; if no error is found the tool will do nothing.