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Development of the Drawing Workbench stopped in FreeCAD 0.16; the new TechDraw Workbench aiming to replace it was introduced in v0.17. Both workbenches are still provided in v0.17, but the Drawing Workbench may be removed in future releases.

Draft Drawing.svg Draft Drawing

Drafting → Drawing
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detta verktyg tillåter dig att lägga valda objekt på ett svg ritningsark.

This tool works similarly to the Drawing View tool but is optimized for Draft Workbench objects, and can render 2D objects with a face filling. It can handle specific objects such as Draft Dimension and Draft Text, that the Drawing View tool cannot handle.

Draft drawing example.jpg

Draft object and dimensions imported into a Drawing page


  1. Select the objects that you wish to put on a drawing sheet.
  2. In the same selection, add the Drawing Workbench page object in which you want to draw the projection of the objects.
  3. Press the Draft Drawing.svg Draft Drawing button.


  • The tool will work best with 2D objects from the Draft Workbench or Sketcher Workbench.
  • The selected object can also be an Arch SectionPlane, which will show the elements viewed by that plane.
  • If there is no existing page, a new one will be created.
  • If no page was selected but there is at least one in the document, the first page found will be used to put the projections.
  • If you select a sheet and the objects already projected on that sheet, the projections will be updated.


  • Välj de objekt som du vill ha på ritningsarket.
  • Addera i samma val det sidobjekt som du vill rita dina objekt på. Om det inte finns någon existerande sida, så kommer en ny att skapas. Om du inte valde en sida, men det finns åtminstone en i dokumentet, så kommer den som hittas först att användas som underlag.
  • De objekt som visas på ritningssidan kommer att använda den skala och offsetvärden som värdsidan har. Försäkra dig om att ställa in dessa värden innan.
  • Du kan ändra objektens skala och offset när som helst.
  • Ställ in/justera linjebredden. Högre värden kommer att resultera i tjockare linjer.
  • Ställ in/justera textstorleken. Högre värden kommer att resultera i större text.
  • Om du valde ett existerande ark, och du har valt objekt som redan finns på det arket (till exempel för ett "Rectangle" objekt så finns det redan ett "ViewRectangle" objekt på arket), så kommer de att ersättas. Detta tillåter dig att helt enkelt välja alla objekt och skicka dem till en existerande sida, vilken kommer att uppdateras.


  • DataFill Style: specifies the fill style "concrete", "square", "simple", "wood", "line", "cross", "woodgrain", or "shape color". This property only works for closed shapes.
  • DataFont Size: specifies the font size of texts and dimensions.
  • DataLine Width: specifies the line width of viewed objects in millimeters.


See also: Draft API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The Drawing tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following function:

DrawingView = makeDrawingView(obj, page, lwmod=None, tmod=None, otherProjection=None)
  • Creates a DrawingView from obj in the specified page.
  • If given, lwmod modifies line weights in percentage, and tmod modifies text heights in percentage.

The attributes of the view usually need to be modified so that it is displayed correctly in the drawing page. In particular, the position is controlled by X and Y, which are given in millimeters, and Scale is important to correctly fit the projected shape in the page. The scale usually ranges from 1 to 0.25 (1:1 to 1:4) for small solids, and from 0.02 to 0.01 (1:50 to 1:100) for typical architectural elements.


import FreeCAD, Draft, Drawing

obj = Draft.makePolygon(5, 1000)
page = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject('Drawing::FeaturePage', 'Page')
page.Template = FreeCAD.getResourceDir() + 'Mod/Drawing/Templates/A3_Landscape.svg'

View = Draft.makeDrawingView(obj, page)
View.Scale = 0.02

View.X = 200
View.Y = 150
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